3G – Quick Start Guide

Important GPS Information

For the 3G device to record mileage accurately a GPS signal must be gained before commencing a journey. The GPS signal has been received as soon as the light is turned green.

3G Device Light Colours

Green – GPS signal found, everything’s working perfectly.

Blue – Searching for a GPS signal.

Red – Standby mode. No Light – No power.

No Light – No power.

Step 1 – Login

Go to www.PeakMiles.com/login and log in using your unique username and password.

Step 2 – Assign 3G Device

To confirm that your 3G device is assigned to your account go to “My Account” tab and click “My Details”. If your device has not been as- signed already you will need to find and assign your device to your account. To do this click on the “Find GPS device” then enter your 15 digit device number (IMEI) which is displayed on the 3G Device. Once found you can assign the unit to your account. If the unit number does not appear on the list please contact PEAK sup- port.

Step 3 – Capture Journeys

Plug the 3G device into your 12v socket in your vehicle in plain sight. When a GPS signal is found the light will turn green. The 3G device is now recording.

Step 4 – Journey Upload

The 3G device will automatically upload all your trips at 3AM using the 3G network.

Step 5 – Complete & Submit your claim

Login at www.PeakMiles.com/Login, go to “My Claims” then “Pending Claims” to view your uploaded journeys. Complete your mileage claim by selecting journey types & adding any necessary information. Once you are happy with your claim click “Preview & Submit” and await claim approval from your line manager.

Polite Reminder – Please keep the dongle plugged in at all times.

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