IPhone App (IOS) – Recording Mileage and Completing a Claim

Recording your mileage

Once you have clicked on the PEAK Miles app it will start to find your location. You must make sure you have given the app permission to your location, if not you can do this in Settings.

If you have not signed in before the app will ask you at this point to sign in. If you do not have a PEAK account you can click on “Not Registered”, you will still be able to record using the app but not upload to your account.

The next step

Each time you start a journey click on the “Record Journey” button and the app will start recording. At the end of your journey you will need to click on the “Stop Recording” button. Dependant on your company’s claim policy you may need to record only business or both business and personal.

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All journeys will be logged in the app under the Journey page (top right corner). If you are signed into the PEAK account the journey will automatically be sent to your account the next time you get a Wi-Fi or 3g network connection. Once uploaded this will be shown against the claim saying “Uploaded”

At this point you can also view all the journey information by taping on the journey line which will bring up a map, data, miles and duration.

Once the journey is uploaded to the PEAK account you can go ahead and delete the journey from the app. To do this slide the journey line to the left, this will give you the option to delete the journey.

When it comes time to submit your claim to your line manager all the claims will be waiting in the PEAK account ( www.peakmiles.com )

Logging in

Go to the PEAK website www.peakmiles.com and click on the ‘Log in’ button in the top right hand corner ( https://www.peakmiles.com/login )

Enter your new PEAK mileage user name and password then click ‘Log in’

Complete and submit a GPS Claim

Once you have uploaded your claims from your smartphone you can now complete and submit your claim. To do this please got to ‘My Claims’ then ‘Pending Claims’.

Click on the word ‘View’ against the claim that you have just uploaded.

Once in the claim you will see all the journeys that have been recorded for the claim period as per the month cut-off date. To complete the claim you will need to select if the journey was business or personal, if business select reason for trip and client/person visited.

You can also view a map of the journey, edit (add notes, decrease mileage and change vehicle) and delete the journey.

Submit your claim

Once you are happy that your claim has been completed click the ‘Preview and Submit’ button.

At this stage you will see all personal journeys are removed from the claim, double check you are happy to submit your claim to your approver.

You will receive an email once the claim is approved or if set as a self approver the claim will be approved automatically.

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