Set up New Account – Enhanced Manual System

To Register

To register log in to

Complete the details below as per your ‘Order is complete’ email which you should have received, then click on ‘Activate’.

Complete the fields below and click on ‘Register’.

Once you have registered you will be sent an email to confirm your email address. When confirmed you can log into your new PEAK Account.

Logging in

Go to the PEAK website and click on the ‘Log in’ button in the top right hand corner ( )

Enter your new PEAK Mileage user name and password then click ‘Log in’

Account set up

Once you have logged in it is important to set your account up and if applicable add more users. Use the ‘Admin’ tab to set up the account.


  • Manage Account – set up, monthly claims cut-off date, email reminders, business year end and if applicable cost of bunker fuel.
  • Manage Mileage Rate – if you are not using the HMRC mileage rate as they are already loaded, you can build your personal pence per mile here.
  • Manage Driver Grades – if you have made a personal pence per mile you will need to build a driver grade. (HMRC rates are already done for you).
  • Manage Vehicles – this is where you load and assign users vehicles.
  • Manage Users – if applicable you can add more users to the account, this can be either more drivers, managers or admin users.

If you need any help please see the self-help button in the bottom right hand corner

Please note that you can also load the following to your account:

  • Manage Clients – Load clients that your users will visit (companywide). Users can also load under their own account (non-companywide).
  • Manage Journey Reasons – Load journey reasons (companywide) i.e. sales meeting, users can also load under their own account (non-companywide).
  • Manage Cost Centres – Add cost centres and assign them to users.

Complete a Manual Claim

When it is time to complete your monthly claim please see ‘My Claims’ and click ‘Create a Claim’.

Fill in all the information requested.

Now you have created a claim you can add a journey. Click ‘Add Journey’.

To add a journey to your claim you will need to add the following:

  • Date of travel
  • Start and end location
  • Start/end Time
  • Vehicle (this will be set to your default vehicle)
  • Type of journey (business or personal)
  • Reason for trip and client / person you visited

Once you are happy with your journey either click on ‘Save and return’ to claim or ‘Save and add new’.


Please note that if you are using the fuel log function you will need to load at this stage.

Submit your claim

Once you are happy that your claim has been completed click the ‘Preview and Submit’ button.

At this stage you will see all personal journeys are removed from the claim, double check you are happy to submit your claim to your approver.

You will receive an email once the claim is approved or if set as a self approver the claim will be approved automatically.


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