Submit a Claim – Standard Manual System

How to create and submit a claim


Within the ‘My Claims’ menu click on ‘Create a Claim’

Complete the fields then click on the ‘Create’ button

Adding a Journey

Now you have created a claim you can add a journey. Click ‘Add Journey’

To add a Journey to your claim you will need to add the following:

  • Date of travel;
  • Start and end location (see user instruction below);
  • Start/end time;
  • Vehicle (this will be set to your default vehicle)
  • Type of journey (business or personal)
  • Miles driven for this journey
  • Reason for trip
  • Client you visited
  • Person you visited

Once you are happy with your journey either click on ‘Save and Return’ to claim or ‘Save and Add New’.

Selecting/adding a location (start or end)

If you have been to this location previously you will be able to select it from the drop down list, otherwise select ‘Add new location’.

Give the trip a ‘Friendly name’ you will recognise and enter the postcode then click ‘Save’.

Once saved you will see the journey on the main claim page, from this page you are able to do the following:

  • Add other journeys
  • Edit or delete loaded journeys

Once you are happy that your claim has been completed click the ‘Preview and Submit’ button.

Double check you are happy to submit your claim and click ‘Submit Claim’.


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