USB Driver for USB Trip Stick – Windows Computer

In order to use the USB dongle you will need to install the USB driver. Normally the driver will be installed by windows once the USB Trip Stick is inserted into your computers USB Port. If it is not installed automatically then this tutorial shows you how to do this.

Windows PC

Once logged in, click on “My Account”.

Click on “Download Software”.

Step 1 PEAK GPS Dongle Drivers – click on “Download” to install the software.

Note: The web page should automatically detect the operating system you are using. If you are downloading for another computer use the download link for that operating system

Save the file to your computer.

Once downloaded double click on the file.

Click on “Extract File”.

If in doubt please extract the file somewhere easy to find such as the desktop.

Select Extraction path (where you want to extract the file to) and click “Extract”.

Now double click on the file you have just extracted to start the installation.

Congratulations! you have now installed the USB driver.

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